I don’t think this guy is a real professor

‘Fish rain’ takes Kerala villagers by surprise – Sify.com

“There is no reason to disbelieve what the villagers say, as it is possible to have a scientific explanation for this”, Dr C K Rajan of the School of Marine Sciences of the Cochin University of Science and Technology told PTI when asked about the phenomenon.

“When convective clouds are formed, it is possible that tiny aquatic organisms get lifted to the atmoshpere. They can survive suspended in the clouds so long as the clouds have moisture content,” he said.


4 responses to “I don’t think this guy is a real professor

  1. It sounds much more persuasive that star trek reject technobabble I normally see in the papers. I’d believe him as would Charles Fort.

    The world is a weird place

  2. I thought frog rains & such were fairly well documented.

  3. Maybe, but I’m fairly sure that the clouds are not full of fish. Rains of frogs/fish are associated with waterspouts, not evaporation.

  4. I believe a federal appropriation to study and develop a new method of delivering fresh Alabama cat fish is warranted by this article. Who wants to ask Shelby?

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