Another reason to vote for Obama

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I don’t think much of electability arguments in general, but this polling is pretty scary if Clinton is the nominee, pretty exciting if Obama is:

Feb 13 Rasmussen
Obama (D) 46%, McCain (R) 39%
Feb 13 Rasmussen
McCain (R) 49%, Clinton (D) 35%

Colorado is absolutely vital to the Republicans: I wouldn’t go so far as to say they can’t win without it, but it would certainly be an uphill road, particularly for a western Republican like McCain.


2 responses to “Another reason to vote for Obama

  1. Poor little tagless Obama post. Your author was probably too preoccupied choreographing Cirque du Something about Baseball to realize “Politics” is a perfect fit for you. If it’s any consolation, your points are valid.

  2. Did you hear the joke about the political parrot?

    Parrot: Barrackk! Barrackk! Polly want Obama! Polly want Obama!

    Pet Owner: Hmmm! Polly used to like crackers.

    (Oh Oh Oh Yeah!)

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