Some people put, commas in sentences seemingly, randomly

New Alabama law that puts some new mothers in jail, causing controversy-

So, the legislature put in a law protecting fetuses precious unborn babies from being exposed to meth lab fumes. And DAs, or at least the DAs in southeast Alabama, are using this law to put new mothers in jail if they test positive for drugs at birth. I am not sure what exactly happened to doctor-patient confidentiality. Maybe they don’t have that in the Wiregrass. Also, apparently the reach of the Supreme Court of the United States doesn’t make it there, because SCOTUS already ruled that hospitals can’t turn over testing records to prosecutors.

Surprisingly, there is no word from “Troy King” in this story, but I’ll bet he thinks prosecuting new mothers is great. I’m surprised he isn’t prosecuting the babies. I mean, they have drugs in their systems too.


One response to “Some people put, commas in sentences seemingly, randomly

  1. I remember Spencer Bachus advocating during his first campaign for jail time for pregnant drug addicts who refused treatment, ignoring the reality that there weren’t enough facilities available to accommodate those who wanted treatment. He was a piker next to “Troy”.

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