Clinton to Obama: ‘Shame on you’ – CNN.com

Two points:

1. It’s a little late for this sort of thing, and honestly it’s time she gave up. She can’t win. All she can do is not lose, leading to a nasty, party-splitting convention fight. She can’t be President this cycle, and she isn’t helping the party or the country by dragging this out.

2. Personally, I’m a free trader, and think little of anti-NAFTA demogoguery; furthermore, Clinton’s health care plan is better than Obama’s (though I really don’t think that their differences are that major, compared to what’s going to happen when this thing goes to Congress.) But her defense on the NAFTA thing is ridiculous. She’s run her entire campaign on Bill’s record. When she talks about her “experience” it’s as First Lady, not as a legislator; Obama actually has significantly more experience in public office. You can’t run on the overall Clinton record and then say that you opposed NAFTA but couldn’t stop it. Anybody looks good if you only count the good things. You get the economic prosperity, but you also have to deal with NAFTA, and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and welfare reform.

UPDATE: You know what? Thanks and all, but I don’t want my comments section to turn into a political free-for-all like so many others. So I’m closing comments on this one.


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  1. Hopeful in '08

    IT WAS ALL AN ACT! Go to ABCNews.com (http://abcnews.go.com/ThisWeek/Story?id=4235364&page=1)

    Given her convincing performance today of seething anger, shock and surprise over the Obama campaign’s mailers, it looks like Hillary deserves to be honored tomorrow with an Academy Award. Unfortunately, for her supporters and for those who bought into today’s act, it is nothing more than that. Her display of utter outrage is a desperate concoction in yet another attempt to sway public opinion. Want proof? She was interviewed about this very issue on February 3 by George Stephanopolous. The transcript of that interview, in which she not only acknowledges the ads, but debates them, can be found on the ABC News website (http://abcnews.go.com/ThisWeek/Story?id=4235364&page=1). Let’s just hope that once the media and the public at large learns the truth that they’ll remove her from the dialogue permanently on March 4.

  2. HRC’s inability to maintain her cool publicly suggests that she will have similar displays of anger if elected president. This is not good.

  3. Dear Democratic Delegates, I was an avid supporter of Howard Dean’s during his presidential bid. I am now an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton’s. For whatever it is worth, I would like to share with you my thoughts about the Democratic Primaries. Barack Obama is a politician who has had a very easy walk into fame so far. I think for our country to overcome the mess of the last eight Bush years, we need Hillary to clean up the mammoth mess he’s made. Also, Obama may be good, but he needs some time to prove that he is so. By his own admission, in his book The Audacity of Hope (which by the way, if all NYT bestseller authors got to stand for President and got elected, we’d be in such a merry mess,) he managed to win his Senate seat because his opponents managed to crucify themselves with personal scandals, not because he was somehow the superior candidate.
    Why cut a black man slack, that would be racist in my opinion, treat him like you would a white man, as an equal.. No one seems to be aware of the underlying bias that this election has taken on. It’s okay to bash Hillary Clinton because she’s a white woman but Obama needs kid glove treatment. I think if he became President he would be a huge liability to the party not to mention the country. His campaign is on steroids because he’s being helped in untold dollars with internet support (The Google guys, Facebook folks, etc.) People like to think they are part of a movement, it’s an effortless thing to do, I represent Change and you should believe me and you are absolved of the duty to think.. I think the Party isn’t absolved from its duty to think and weigh the story evenly and with seriousness and due consideration with both candidates’ backgrounds and personalities in mind.
    She is so much more in-depth and also a true, blue Democrat, vs. Obama is a Republican in Democrat clothing, he’s using the exact same tactics Rove used (Hillary finally thought to point it out) getting Axelrod to completely distort whatever he knows about the Clintons and to ruin their reputation. I think you folks are committing an eggregious error in not making note of the fact that if Obama continues to discredit Bill Clinton’s legacy, we will have to meet with those same accusations come November.
    Think again, vote Hillary…

  4. Andrew Languls

    Obama criticized Clinton’s campaign and said he debates policy and not the immature statements or events that have been going on for far to long.. well what is this that his campaign is doing? Totally hypocritical of what he says. Hilary was right when she said Action’s speak louder then words.. and clearly his actions in this case contradict his words and really show everyone that he is nothing but a lot of talk.

    Obama is a complete mess… im so confused how people would vote for him.. maybe we can thank Oprah?

  5. Seems to me that Hillary is getting desperate – 1. these flyers have been out there for some time, why the sudden outrage now, and 2. Obama is factually correct so she has no case anyway. Senator Clinton, if you start calling names, you better be on safe ground – or this will come back and haunt you. This is not about race or gender, but simply about honesty.

  6. How is Obama a “complete mess” when he is leading in the delegate race?

    The only “complete desperate mess” is Billary, where the phrase “desperate times call for desperate measures.”

    Tell us, would you really want to vote for someone who gets her panties in a bunch when someone says or does something against her that she doesn’t like? I can only imagine if the Iranian President calls her a “bitch.” What would she do then? Press the big red button?

    As far as health care, take a look at the great hillary education plan for Arkansas. See any similarities? You know, the same one that screwed up the Arkansas education system up to five years after the clintons left.