Actually, that sounds pretty good

I just got an email from the Christian Coalition of Alabama entitled “Wiregrass and Houston counties will be like Las Vegas”. I’m not sure why that would be a problem — I’ve been to that part of the state, and it could only be an improvement — but what really gets me is why the CCA is emailing me, not in my capacity as a blogger (to my public email address) but as a librarian (here at the school). How did I get on this mailing list?

Full text after the jump.

Wiregrass and Houston counties will be like Las Vegas
(Because of a loophole in Alabama law.)

Dear Mac,

Dr. Randy Brinson

Randy Brinson
Christian Coalition of AL

Unless we act now, Houston County is going to be home to a large gambling operation that could have a negative impact on our area for years to come. The Houston County Commission recently passed a resolution allowing updated rules and regulations for the operation of charitable bingo in Houston County.

While individuals and developers profiting from these operations will downplay the seriousness of such a project, they have already stated that there will be 1,500 high-speed bingo gambling machines located in one building. There is no law preventing there from being several thousand of these bingo gambling machines on the development in other buildings. If we allow this gambling mecca to be built, under these current regulations, we will be opening ourselves up to future expansions of video gaming machines in our area.

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 13th at 2:00 p.m., I urge you to join me on the front steps of the Houston County Courthouse to voice opposition to the expansion of gambling in Houston County and the Wiregrass. With a recently proposed casino-like operation, it is imperative that we send a message that we will not allow out of state investors to demoralize our Christian values and harm our way of life.

If you are unable to attend tomorrow’s rally, please contact your local legislators and County Commissioners to voice your opposition to this project.

Please call:

* Senator Harri Anne Smith at:
334-242-7879 (Capitol), 334-886-3208 (Home) or 334-886-2367 (Home Office)
* Representative Steve Clouse at:
334-242-7717 (Capitol), 334-774-7384 (Home) or 334-774-9122 (Home Office)
* Representative Benjamin Lewis at:
334-242-7756 (Capitol), 334-792-1849 (Home) or 334-793-5555 (Home Office)
* Houston County Commission at:
– Curtis Harvey, District 1
– Bobby R. Snellgrove, District 2
– Mark S. Culver, Chairman
– Frances Cook, District 3
– Phillip L. Forester, District 4

Protecting our Christian values is the top priority of the Christian Coalition of Alabama. We will do everything in our power to stand up against out of state investors compromising our way of life for their own profit. It’s important that we join together now and take a stand against what we know is wrong for our community.

In his service,

Randy Brinson, MD
Chairman, Christian Coalition of Alabama

Quotes from Joseph Hollis:
Joseph Hollis, is a member of the board of Christian Coalition of Alabama
and member of Fresh Anointing Church, in Montgomery Al

Regarding: Christian Coalition of Alabama

The absolutely NEW Christian Coalition (of Alabama) has begun the business of breaking stereotypes and solidifying the tone for the conducting of business in Alabama. As walls are broken, real Christians will emerge with a single, real voice that will permeate culture and motivate social revival and renewal.

Regarding: Dr. Randy Brinson

Dr. Randy Brinson has accepted the call to guide the winds of change in the State of Alabama. His practical display of the gospel of Jesus Christ through public policy will revolutionize American thinking and challenge all Americans to live both righteous and just lives.

Homepage – – CCA News


2 responses to “Actually, that sounds pretty good

  1. “Wiregrass and Houston counties will be like Las Vegas”

    So, they’ll be Awesome?

  2. walt moffett

    The all you can eat boiled peanut, greens and chitlins buffet will be.

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