Daily Archives: March 17, 2008

Coyotes of Vestavia!

Coyotes on campus a concern for Vestavia Hills schools superintendent- al.com

This is… great. I mean, I don’t want any students to get attacked by coyotes — not really, though one or two getting chased wouldn’t be a bad thing — but it couldn’t happen to a better school, except Mountain Brook. One councilman has perspective:

Councilman Bill Visintainer said the presence of coyotes is something the city has to live with.

“Those freaking coyotes – they’re all over the golf course,” said Visintainer, who lives near a golf course. “They’re not harming anyone.”

He said he’s more concerned about raccoons, which can be rabid.

You tell ’em, Bill. If we’re going to put up with coyotes on the golf courses, those schoolkids can live with them too. But what if the coyotes attack the racoons? You think coyotes are immune to rabies?

This is actually a really good idea

Mayor Larry Langford proposes $5 million loan program for Birmingham businesses- al.com

I will give credit where it’s due. Now, the implementation… Let’s see how that works. Also, we’ll see who makes money off it. Someone always makes money off these things.

That’s the plan, anyway

Jefferson County, Alabama plan restructures $925 million in school bonds for sewer debt- al.com

The legislature has to approve this, because the law says that the sales tax money in question can only be used for schools. And John “Horse Track” Rogers, co-head of the Jefferson County delegation, has said that he would block any such measure.

Plan 2: Bake sale.