Coyotes of Vestavia!

Coyotes on campus a concern for Vestavia Hills schools superintendent-

This is… great. I mean, I don’t want any students to get attacked by coyotes — not really, though one or two getting chased wouldn’t be a bad thing — but it couldn’t happen to a better school, except Mountain Brook. One councilman has perspective:

Councilman Bill Visintainer said the presence of coyotes is something the city has to live with.

“Those freaking coyotes – they’re all over the golf course,” said Visintainer, who lives near a golf course. “They’re not harming anyone.”

He said he’s more concerned about raccoons, which can be rabid.

You tell ’em, Bill. If we’re going to put up with coyotes on the golf courses, those schoolkids can live with them too. But what if the coyotes attack the racoons? You think coyotes are immune to rabies?


2 responses to “Coyotes of Vestavia!

  1. I am sitting in my living room in Vestavia by central and hearing the coyotes howling. I thought Vestavia got rid of all these coyotes. They are NOT gone!

  2. e. nonee moose


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