“I think it would be cool to own a movie theater chain!”

Exclusive theater chain targets rich moviegoers | Entertainment | Film | Reuters

The Retirement Systems of Alabama — last seen around here owning US Airways, and you can imagine how that turned out — is investing in a theater chain startup that would ask people to pay $35 to go to the movies. I don’t know if it’s worse if this succeeds or if it doesn’t.


5 responses to ““I think it would be cool to own a movie theater chain!”

  1. I really have to wonder what else the RSA has been up to lately. Did they get caught up in any of those mortgage derivatives that brought Bear Stearns down? Will we ever know if they did?

  2. I’m curious how the Retirement Systems of Alabama conducted their investigative research about the economic model for the theatre exhibition business and this new start-up venture. As an industry veteran for more than 30 years with public and private theatre companies (including my own), this investment seems too risky for them. Could they be chasing “hollywood glitter” rather than “business substance?”

  3. They bought an airline after 9-11. What does that tell you?

  4. walt moffett

    As a state retiree, I find the news disturbing. With a recession/depression coming up, luxury goods and services will be in low demand.

    Remember RSA’s ultimate fall back position, in a defined benefit plan, the state must (‘scuse me while I go into hysterics) pay the benefits promised.

    I see Norman Lear is involved and wonder if that was an influence.

  5. Jeff (no, the other one)

    I see Dr. Bronner come into our building for lunch now and again. Some lucky person gets to walk next to him, the rest trail in his wake like wannabes.

    Gotta say this one sounds like a bad idea. Couldn’t RSA find a domed stadium project to fund instead…?

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