St. Roy lives!

‘Ten Commandments Judge’ defends Texas jury’s use of Bible (

It’s been awhile, I know, but what’s Roy Moore up to? Oh, right, generally acting like an idiot without even cursory knowledge of the history of Anglo-American jurisprudence or the United States Constitution.

Oliver’s attorney claims the death sentence should be overturned because several jury members brought Bibles and consulted scripture in the deliberation room. But attorneys with the Foundation for Moral Law — headed by Judge Moore — have argued in a brief that the jury’s consultation of Bible passages did not taint the jury in violation of the Sixth Amendment.

So, normal. I wonder what he would have thought if the jurors had consulted, say, John 8:1-11. Or Matthew 5:38-40.

Matthew 22:15-22 is, of course, right out.


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