At long last, and by force

WBHM radio station reduces airing of classical music-

I, in fact, happen to know why it took the shutdown of their provider to get UAB’s public radio station to start playing NPR during the workday rather than classical music. Almost everyone has, for years, wanted WBHM to play more NPR. However, they refused to do so, because of a tiny clique of doctors at the medical center. Seriously. When I was an undergrad at UAB, the station director up and told a whole class, including me, that this was the reason. This was in 1990.


3 responses to “At long last, and by force

  1. walt moffett

    Wish they’d play more jazz. Some good shoutcast streams out there but can’t play them in the truck.

  2. Does Samford’s station still play jazz? You can pick that up fine as long as you don’t go further away than Brookwood Hospital.

  3. walt moffett

    It does, used to pick the signal just fine under the Acton Road overpass, however, don’t work in the Big City anymore and will take more than good jazz to make me even visit.

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