Shut it, jerks

Independent truckers talk of strike, slowdowns today to protest fuel prices-

Okay, I pride myself on being a relatively enlightened person, but there are certain people I can’t stand: George Bush, and truckers. They’re incredibly self-entitled, they act like they own the road, and now they’re whining because diesel prices are high. As if everyone else wasn’t paying more for fuel. And what are they going to do about it?

Some media outlets have reported that truckers will stage a “slowdown,” traveling side-by-side and delaying motorists.

Yes, they’re going to fuck with everyone else for no good reason! (And they did it, too.) This is sure to get people on their side! Where were these people trained, France?

Just in case my point wasn’t clear: Truckers, I hate you, and I hope you starve.


2 responses to “Shut it, jerks

  1. “…and argued their profits of $123 billion a year were in line with other industries.”

    I just love it when they print stuff like that.

  2. When the bus drivers in Belgium go on strike, they continue to drive their routes – they just stop taking fares for it.

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