Yes, this is the issue that the city needs to address

Proposal to ban sagging pants referred to Birmingham legal department-

Also, the rap music, and the video games, and the not eating the pudding pops. Sigh.


5 responses to “Yes, this is the issue that the city needs to address

  1. Down here, they’re quite agitated about the hoodies that zip up over your face (with eyeholes). A couple of recent armed robberies featured zip-up hoodie wearers. I guess that’s slightly more justification than simply not wanting to look at a bunch of young men’s drawers.

  2. walt moffett

    Wonder whats next, The Smithfield Community Modesty Patrol?

  3. Sounds like something my hometown of Cleveland would do instead of facing the tough issues.

  4. I’d much rather they electrocute the drug dealers on the first strike, instead. I don’t mind kids with saggy pants as long as they’re not high.

  5. last summer our city council passed one of those over here in shreveport. un f-ing believably stupid. if the problem is a plumber’s crack, use current indecency laws. otherwise, poor clothing tastes are none of the government’s damn business.

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