Daily Archives: April 10, 2008

So, you ask, how could things get worse?

White House, Congress briefed on Jefferson County financial crisis- al.com

The Bush Administration could get involved! Now, the world’s most famous former member of the Alabama Air National Guard hasn’t been told of the situation, but just because the Incompetent In Chief isn’t personally involved doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of incompetence available.

Speed limits have nothing to do with public safety

Reduced speed could be ahead for Alabama; bill would cut limits, create committee- al.com

It’s about fuel consumption. Cheap gas meant higher speed limits. Current gas prices mean lower ones.

They’re doing a great job!

Jefferson County commissioners vow to fight state control in case of bankruptcy- al.com

Obviously it would be completely unfair to take control of the sewer system from the Jefferson County Commission just because their mismanagement has led it to an almost inevitable bankruptcy.