If I were a police chief, I would avoid “pig” metaphors

Birmingham mayor, police chief want new police HQ- al.com

Apparently, Birmingham PD HQ sucks.

Langford said if council members toured the entire building, “It will actually make you sick. I’ve seen dumps in my life, but nothing comes close,” he said.

Police Chief A.C. Roper, also attended the meeting and described the current building as a “pig sty” and a “chicken coop.”

No, “pig sty” is not an appropriate nickname for any police precinct, you dirty hippies.

Once again, this sounds like a good idea, but where’s the money going to come from? Leprechauns? Ten years from now, Birmingham is going to be where Jefferson County is now.


3 responses to “If I were a police chief, I would avoid “pig” metaphors

  1. Aside from the money there is also an issue of accountability. This story prompts an important question: Why should you reward someone who can’t take care of their property?

    It isn’t as if the criminals broke into the PD and turned the place into a pig sty.

  2. I doubt it’s all the cops’ fault, though. My understanding (from a story I posted a couple of years ago) is that the building is literally falling apart. I haven’t been there, though.

  3. That may be. I haven’t been it either, beyond the front lobby. The teevee reporter last night started her spiel with “It may look nice on the outside … ” which was an odd enough qualifier to start the thought process.

    They aren’t hanging around on the outside, after all. Wear and tear and deterioration is one thing. Sure, I get that. Makes perfect sense. Wanting to work in a nice, newer, cleaner place, absolutely.

    Letting this one deteriorate to pig sty proportions and then ask for another? OK. But first you must convince me that this won’t happen to the next place.

    I’ll believe the claim it is falling apart. But I’m equally as certain there are facilities of a comparable age in existence in a happier condition.

    Here again, it isn’t a set of rambunctious squatters stacking boxes, tearing carpet and putting graffiti on the walls.

    As an aside, how can moving be cheaper? Renovations would be $4M? Doesn’t the city have something of a cheap labor force nearby in holding cells?

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