Just read the article

Goat management field day set | TuscaloosaNews.com

I can’t think of anything to add. I thought about just quoting the whole damned thing.


4 responses to “Just read the article

  1. I would love to have a little goat, but I’m pretty sure we’re not zoned for it. Although we can have chickens (but no rooster).

  2. Hey, goats make great pets. They’re extremely sociable and contrary to popular belief, they are rather picky eaters. Ours (a stray who “adopted” us) prefers ornamental plants such as azaleas, hosta, lilies, camellias and roses. To her credit, she also loves privet.

  3. There are stray goats?

    Okay, maybe not such a great idea then. I don’t want anybody eating my sasanquas.

  4. With inflation driving the cost of meat up, goat may become a viable alternative. Goats are pretty easy to raise and they eat vegetation that a cow would never touch (or more accurately, could never reach.) They are almost impossible to keep behind a fence though. And, yes, I’ve eaten goat meat. You can get it at any authentic Indian restaurant.

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