Sackcloth and ashes!

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford says city needs to humble itself, proclaims day of prayer-

BMLL is crazy:

During the service, participants will be given sackcloth to wear and ashes to put on their skin. The practice is mentioned in the Bible of the Bible as an act of repentance and humility.

Langford ordered 2,000 of the sacks.

No word on how much the sacks cost. I suggest that Langford start by humbling himself, then he can tell the rest of us all about it.


2 responses to “Sackcloth and ashes!

  1. I sit here in utter amazement. Two thousand sacks. Your tax dollars at work. Can they use them later on, for croakers or something?

    What’s “the Bible of the Bible”? A typo, or something more profound?

  2. Wow… so BMLL really is crazy. I thought you were just kidding all this time…

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