As does his increasing paranoia

SEC lawsuit puts Birmingham mayor’s vision at risk-

Everybody’s out to get Larry! The feds:

He called the SEC’s civil complaint a political ploy by enemies intent on destroying him and derailing the fast-track progress he is bringing to Birmingham.

“People who know me know that this is nothing but a bunch of trumped-up nonsense,” Langford said. “These same people who are laying a snare for me should be careful you don’t fall in it yourself.”

Carole Smitherman and the rest of the city council too:

Langford said he was offended by Smitherman’s suggestion that the council isn’t interested in any more big-ticket ideas from him right now. The comments of some council members, he said, show they are ambitious and want his job. Smitherman would become interim mayor if Langford were removed from office.

“They smell blood in the water,” he said. “Don’t let this so-called blood in the water prevent them from doing what they should be doing.”

And, well, me. I wasn’t actually mentioned, but I know if he knew I existed he’d be all over it.


3 responses to “As does his increasing paranoia

  1. Larry, I don’t think you get to label the circumstance “blood in the water,” and in the next breath label it “so-called blood in the water.” You called it so 30 seconds before.

  2. walt moffett

    Sounds like he is getting ready to head for the bunker. If it was the chair warmers at the Federal Building, instead of the SEC, the circus would be complete.

  3. I think he really is crazy. I mean, in the medical, DSM sense.

    Or perhaps he’s crazy like a fox and is presently laying the groundwork for an insanity defense.

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