Sooner or later…

Oklahoma company acquires Alabama Adventure – Business News from The Birmingham News –

So, let’s check in on a past Wacky Scheme, the Wacky Scheme that made Larry Langford, “Visionland”, the peculiar idea he had as mayor of Fairfield that what western Jefferson County really needed was an amusement park built at public expense.

So, how’s that going? Well, the name’s been changed to “Alabama Adventure”, which is a bad name but probably better than “Visionland”. The municipalities which paid for Visionland wound up dumping the park on a private company in 2003, which now has dumped the park on some Oklahomans who used to work for Six Flags. They kept land around the park, however, which is probably what they were interested in all along.

So, it’s going about as well as possibly could be expected. The cities took a huge bath on the fiasco, but Crazy Larry escaped unharmed, off to Do Something first for Jefferson County and now Birmingham.


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