Would you eat breakfast with this man?

Yummy!Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford offers to treat school board to breakfast in effort to ease tensions- al.com

Gosh, why all the tension? Just because he’s repeatedly (and, admittedly, with good reason) criticized the school board, wants to sell its headquarters, and this week stuck it with a bill for sidewalk repairs in order to spend more money on the Fair Park boondoggle? Let bygones be bygones! Have some grits.


Langford said city government and the school board have a common goal of improving the city, but the fighting helps no one.

“All these little personalities and personal agendas need to be dropped at the door, and come in and focus on the issues at hand,” he said.

It goes unspoken that by issues he means “doing what I want”. Let’s just say that the tension will continue:

Board member Howard Bayless called the meeting political grandstanding and said he was unsure if he would go.

“There’s really no intent on the part of this mayor or this council to work with anybody,” he said. “They’re obviously only interested in trying to push their own personal projects forward, and it’s obvious that Birmingham schoolchildren will suffer.”

Board member Phyllis Wyne said the board, the council and mayor all represent the same people and should have the same goals of moving the city forward. But she said city officials make decisions that affect the schools without any input from the school board.

“I don’t like to fight with the mayor, but if that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes,” Wyne said.

Why can’t these selfish, selfish people just do what Larry wants?


One response to “Would you eat breakfast with this man?

  1. Sounds like Larry graduated from the George Bush school of management…

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