Gosh, Larry, what’s the big deal?

Syphilis ads yanked from buses after Mayor Langford says they project a bad image- al.com

Do you have something to hide?

Ads on buses identifying Jefferson County as the nation’s leader in syphilis will come down after Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford complained they present a bad image of the area and hurt efforts to recruit new businesses.

Langford asked the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority director Friday to remove banners from 10 buses that show the county’s national ranking.

“It’s hard enough to compete for business without having people to walk in and have that shock value added to it,” Langford said. “We have a lot of issues, but you don’t destroy your city. You find other ways to address those problems.”

For instance, recall elections.

Anyway, the most important thing is that Jefferson County doesn’t let anyone know that everyone there has syphillis. It is a horrible, shameful, dirty secret and everyone should be quiet about it and go about their business of having unprotected sex in darkened rooms.


2 responses to “Gosh, Larry, what’s the big deal?

  1. Last stats I saw said 1 in 4 adolescent girls had an STD. Even more outrageous was the nearly 1 in 2 rate of infection among African American teen girls. The public needs an education about STDs. So, what the hell is Larry thinking? You want to “destroy your city”? Let everyone walk around stupid. That’ll do it.

  2. Here’s another POV about the STD epidemic among adolescents.

    I remember when I was a girl, back when the glaciers first retreated, and Shreveport was the proud STD capital of the country. Only of course we called it VD then.

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