Seriously, he did

Riley asks churches to aid newly released inmates-

Leaders from churches and charitable groups were asked to provide a wide range of services to former inmates, including employment assistance, housing, clothing, health care and cash.

I mean, the state won’t do it, and we aren’t going to get employers to hire these guys, so let’s have the religious people do it instead. They love that Christian charity crap.


2 responses to “Seriously, he did

  1. Well dammit all, we’re already bringing them non-frosted cookies while they’re in stir. Surely that completes our Christian obligation.

  2. Well….maybe if they wouldn’t put so many people in prison who don’t belong there in the first place Riley wouldn’t have to seek divine intervention to clean up the mess the state government ‘tough on crime’ morons have made.

    But wait….that’s way too practical a form of thinking for any government institution.

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