Daily Archives: May 22, 2008

More brilliance from BMLL

Discovery Channel Mythbusters slate performance- al.com

From one of those “briefs” columns:

Girls fast-pitch softball sought

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford said Wednesday he wants to bring a girls fast-pitch softball facility to Birmingham and also bid on having a youth baseball championship series held here.

“We can have the same amenities other states have,” he told reporters after a breakfast meeting with the Birmingham school board where he mentioned the idea.

Tremendous scholarships are available for girls involved in fast-pitch, Langford said. Langford added that he expected his idea to be met with criticism “because that’s just the nature of this community.

“But I’m still going to actively pursue having it here,” he said.

That’s the latest part of the solution: Fast-pitch softball! He’s got a million of them, folks!