Bill Clinton has gone insane

Bill Clinton: ‘Cover up’ hiding Hillary Clinton’s chances –

Rumor has it he’s the one driving this kamikaze campaign. She lost, get over it.


5 responses to “Bill Clinton has gone insane

  1. By Bill Clinton’s logic, if McCain wins the popular vote in November, but loses the Electoral College, will Hillary concede the Presidency to him?

  2. Bill Clinton thinks others are bullying the superdelegates? What does he think he is doing? Bill, Hillary won’t be president this time – get over it! You and your wife no longer are “in.” You represent the past and it is time to go on? Your own actions, as well as those of your wife, indicate just how duplicitious you two are. You change your minds and pander more than most people change their clothes!

  3. I’ve always had great respect for Bill Clinton, I campaigned for him and met him personally. But now he comes off as truly desperate and pathetic. Now he’s claiming a “Democrat cover-up”. Did somebody say paranoid? No, he’s just lost it. Like his wife. Bill wants to get back into the White House just as bad has Hillary. Hence the desperation. Hillary has shot her foot (and Bill) for the last time. Her reference to RFK is her Waterloo. Her divisive campaign using the race and sex card is despicable. The Clintons says Hillary is “winnable”. Depends what poll you go to. Obama beats McCain in California. And Hillary won that state. So what gives? Hillary has lost the party nomination. She has burned bridges with here colleagues in the Senate. She is a footnote now. But in her power-mad effor to gain the nomination, she has hurt the Democratic Party. She has used McCain’s criticism of Obama to benefit her. She embraces McCain. So perhaps, Hillary should jump ship and try to McCain’s VP. She certainly has no way now to be Obama’s running mate. Or she can be the nominee if (in her hopes and dreams) Obama somehow gets bumped off.

  4. I, too, once had lots of respect for President Clinton. However, Hillary’s apparent sense of entitlement to the nomination and the Clintons’ refusal to accept the obvious is ridiculous.

  5. I’m just scared they’re going to find a way to sink Obama’s chances in the main election. If you believe in a God then pray that Hillary doesn’t pull a Ralph Nader in 2008.

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