No take-backs!

Birmingham City Council to reconsider taking money from school sidewalks to give for Fair Park upgrades-

Roderick Royal, one of the more consistently anti-Crazy Larry voices on the Council, is trying to get his colleagues to reverse their decision to take money targeted for sidewalk repairs in front of schools and instead use it on Larry’s wacko “Olympic Village” thing at Five Points West. I think it was the epidemic of broken backs among mothers that did it.

Anyway, Royal points to a lawyer’s note that says that money from a bond issue can’t be used for anything but education. BMLL was too busy painting “Homos Go Home” on a banner to talk to the newspaper, but his mouthpiece said that the schools could use the swimming pools and track at the Village so it’s educational. It seems to me that under that standard, anything could be educational, and therefore the standard becomes worthless.


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