Damn, he’s bad

The problem for John McCain is, basically, that he’s turning into Bob Dole. Now, the American people kind of like Bob Dole — heck, I kind of like him — but they don’t want him to be president.

The weird pauses and awkward grinning and the grumpy-old-manism are just the beginning. The real problem is that like Dole in ’96 he’s been willing to give up so much of what he actually believes, the things that make him him, to satisfy the Republican base. What’s more, he seems to be buying into the Republican groupthink that these ideas (more war! more tax cuts for the rich! torture!) are what people really want. It’s a different set of ideas, other than the brain-dead supply-sidism, but they’re not ideas anyone outside the Republican dead-enders is interested in.

3 responses to “Damn, he’s bad

  1. My favorite part of the Dole campaign was when they ripped off “Soul Man” for “Dole Man,” got caught and were unable to buy the tune at any price.

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  3. Your Brother's Keeper

    I think most people (or a lot more, anyway) would have voted for Dole had they the benefit of hindsight. He was probably the most Reagan-esk candidate since, well, Reagan. I implore you to watch a documentary on the history channel regarding the assasination of Pablo Escabar. I believe in it, you will see the future of war, and why it has taken so long to achieve “mission accomplished.”

    Also, what percent of government taxes from your paycheck are you in favor of? Is there a line drawn? Isn’t 3 months work for the government enough? At what point will the left be satisfied? Does every american have a right to live in Vestavia, for instance? Or, do some earn the right to live in higher economic brackets? I am confused on these issues.

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