Daily Archives: June 5, 2008

Resolved: The Birmingham City Council are wimps

Birmingham City Council approves Councilwoman Valerie Abbott’s resolution supporting Gay Pride Week- al.com

But it was a secret. They didn’t put it on the agenda and they waited until the room was nearly empty. Stand up for equality! But only if nobody’s watching.

“We were trying to tread lightly and not get anyone riled up and yet still recognize the fact that we have a diverse community and these people are part of it,” she said.

“You know, the part of it that you hide.”

Robbing Larry to pay Larry

Council to cut trolleys and scholarships from budget, says action needed for other priorities including Fair Park- al.com

Oops! It seems that the city council cut money intended for two of BMLL’s projects, including his signature scholarships for high school graduates program, to pay for the Fair Park boondoggle, rather than taking money from their own projects to do so. Crazy Larry is getting all passive aggressive, saying that “I will not veto a budget, I just won’t sign it.” That’s really a great idea there.