Smoot suit

Jefferson County Commissioner Shelia Smoot wants county to consider legal action against Wall Street banks-

Oh. Oh, Shelia. You really think you can do anything about giant banks profitting off of the con job they ran on the county?

“In my opinion, JP Morgan and all the rest of them are at fault. They knew the risk and they didn’t share it,” Smoot said. “They fooled us. They ran an incredible game on this whole county, and now we’re all paying for it. Now it’s time to turn the tables and make them pay for it.”

Yes, they are basically at fault. (Along with a lot of other people, including BMLL.) But there’s nothing you can do about it. Unsurprisingly, Bettye Fine Collins, who is a Republican, has no problem paying huge sums to banks for whatever the banks say it is they’re doing.


One response to “Smoot suit

  1. You left off the obligatory Smoot, Smoot, Smoot….

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