Daily Archives: June 20, 2008


UA, UAB, UAH to raise tuition, cut positions – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

Alabama won’t have to make cuts in their crack Road Destruction, Parking Elimination, and Oppressively Huge Building Construction divisions. So they’ve got that going for them.

Wrong country, Senator

London Free Press – Canada & World- McCain in Ottawa today

Some campaign he’s running.


Birmingham’s summer solstice celebration includes emphasis on locally grown food- al.com

The real news is that Birmingham has a summer solstice celebration. Who knew? Hippies.

Steel going on

Runaway steel coil backs up rush-hour traffic on I-65- al.com

(Sorry for the horrible pun.)

Anyway, truckers continue to drop gigantic steel coils onto Birmingham expressways; this is at least the thirteenth incident since 2002. The coil manufacturers had promised that this would stop, but apparently nobody told the truckers. So the interstate was closed, downtown, for an hour in mid-afternoon, and wasn’t fully opened for four hours including rush hour. The amazing thing is that nobody’s been killed. Yet.


Mayor proposes moving Birmingham International Raceway from Fair Park, providing $1 million to help build new track – al.com

Okay, so BMLL thinks that the old racetrack doesn’t fit in with his new ideas for the fairgrounds. Also nobody’s kept the place up and it hasn’t been paved since 1972. So he wants to get rid of it and build a new track (I mean, they aren’t going to pack up the old one and move it across town) in the Pratt City/Forestdale area on the northwest side of town. I don’t have any real objections to the idea, though I don’t know that we really need a racetrack and I wonder about the viability of low-level racing in a $4/gallon gas world.