Let me count the ways

Olympic Games in Birmingham? Mayor says, Why not? – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

1. Even if all the various projects — the Birmingdome, the Fair Park Yuppie Center, etc. — were built, there would not be nearly enough major facilities in town to hold the Olympics.

2. The Olympics are fearfully expensive and have driven larger cities than Birmingham to bankruptcy. There is not enough of a population base to support the Olympics.

3. It is quite likely that Chicago will win the 2016 bid, which means that North America is out for 2020.

4. There is a bias towards big cities — because of points one and two.

5. You are completely and utterly insane.


3 responses to “Let me count the ways

  1. 6. I will eat your hairshirt if a consortium of international officials agree to place the Olympic games in Alabama.

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  3. If you’re gonna dream then dream BIG!

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