Troy: “Those black people are stealing elections!”

AG criticizes Justice Dept. in voter fraud probe |

Maybe I’m oversensitive, but that’s what this quote seems to say to me:

Perry County, about 70 miles west of Montgomery, has a storied place in the voting rights movement. The fatal shooting of a black man after a voting rights march in 1965 prompted the Selma-to-Montgomery voting rights march and led Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act that opened Southern voting rolls to millions of blacks.

‘The civil rights movement that was birthed in that part of our state was birthed to bring about equality, not to allow a different set of people to steal elections,’ King said.

That’s what he’s saying, right?


6 responses to “Troy: “Those black people are stealing elections!”

  1. In a way, but I think he’s also admitting a long tradition of election-stealing by whites. The “two wrongs don’t make a right” adage which is so often employed against affirmative action, etc.

  2. The AG may only be saying that voter fraud in Perry County has a long history and that once it was other people who stole elections.

    Ask Michael Jackson the black District Attorney of Perry County who appeared on WSFA TV in Montgomery just after the recent primary elections and said that voter fraud has taken place there for at least 50 years, and who has asked for an investigation. (See

    Why try to turn this into a racial issue, when it is just an issue of right or wrong?

  3. The election under review by the Atty. Gen. involved 3 African Americans running against each other for a County Commission position. So, how do you get anything racial from that?It appears Blacks are committing voter fraud among themselves.

  4. The way I read it, with the mention of the Civil Rights Movement, “Troy” — no friend of equality — is saying “It’s one thing when white people steal elections, it’s another when black people do, and that I’ll punish.” Troy is neck-deep in all sorts of shenanigans by the Alabama Republican Party.

  5. At times people see what they want to see.

  6. Troy King was not Atty. Gen. during the Civil Rights Movement

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