Daily Archives: July 1, 2008

Cast your ballot for BIGOTRY!

Cast your ballot for McCain | GadsdenTimes.com | Gadsden Times | Gadsden, AL

The shadowy world of right-wing smears comes out into the light with a letter actually published by the Gadsden Times. So, either the Times believes this crap, or they think that it’s worth publishing this crap to smear Obama, or they’re so deluded in their belief in “balance” that they’re willing to take the “Some say this, some say that” route for things that are demonstrably untrue as well as offensive.

(H/T: Davy)

Oh, boy, not looking forward to Troy’s reaction to this

Alabama executions highly problematic: U.N. envoy | U.S. | Reuters

It will probably start with “Go back to UNistan!” and degenerate from there.

Makes it sound like he needs eye surgery

Streetcar bids are in; Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford makes final push to save vision- al.com

Brain surgery, maybe. He’s still pushing for his streetcars, which are cool. As Councilwoman Carol Duncan points out, the important part of the transit budget is for bus replacement, and that survived, but buses are not cool; they merely work.