Good one, FDA

Salmonella inquiry looks beyond tomatoes –

He said the original tomato warning was issued after interviews with different people revealed a “strong association” with the consumption of raw tomatoes: More than 80 percent of the cases in the initial case-control study had eaten fresh tomatoes.

Please tell me that this colossal scare and recall didn’t come down to you asking a bunch of people if they’d eaten tomatoes recently. I eat raw tomatoes almost every day. They’re a staple of the American diet. You might as well have asked if they’d drank any water. If all you could come up with is “most of these people have eaten tomatoes”, well, that’s bad science.


4 responses to “Good one, FDA

  1. e. nonee moose

    Heckuva job [insert name of Bush cronie here]!

  2. Someone described salmonella issue as bio-terrorism… isn’t more like nutri-terrorism!?

  3. Nah, salmonella is a bacterium. Of course, this is obviously not a terrorism case.

  4. I ended up in the ER last week because of this. Started out my day on the way to the iMax Sea Monsters movie with my kids. Wasn’t feeling great when I woke up, and in the time I had taken a shower and had breakfast, I was lying on my kitchen floor calling 911. SERIOUS chills, nausea, abdominal pain, fever I didn’t know I had which had caused dehydration and low BP causing me to just about pass out cold.

    The thing is, the night before I had eaten a *very* light dinner of tomato salad. Stomach felt bad within a few hours but I didn’t think anything of it.

    Spent 5 days on a really strong antibiotic that made me really sick and I’m still not feeling 100%.

    The doctors in the ER did 100 tests and after a million questions they asked “You didn’t happen to eat tomatoes did you?” Yes, I did actually, but I had scrubbed them and soaked them in grapefruit seed extract, which is supposed to kill everything I thought. They said that the tomatoes were the only thing they could narrow it down to, and that this particular bacteria couldn’t be *washed off*.

    The thing I am annoyed about is that I still have the tomatoes and called about 6 government agencies asking if they wanted them for testing, and ALL REFUSED! They all had some *reason* why they couldn’t take them or test them…not their job, didn’t fit into the right catagory for what they did, I hadn’t had the right kinds of tests at the hospital, etc… called heath dept.’s in my area and the CDC. VERY annoying that I ate ONLY tomatoes, got sick, and despite the Doctors at the ER being convinced this was the cause, NO ONE in our government would take my tomatoes and test them!!! Told me to toss them out. They are all pathetic. I’m sick of hearing about how determined they are to figure this out. How many cases are there like mine that they just blew off?

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