Your Food and Drug Administration, everybody!

ABC News: Jalapenos, Cilantro Eyed for Salmonella

After over a month in which they have been completely unable to find any contaminated tomatoes, the FDA is finally looking at the possibility that tomatoes aren’t the culprit.


4 responses to “Your Food and Drug Administration, everybody!

  1. I could not find a bunch of cilantro anywhere in Mobile last week and wondered then if it had already been pulled. Speaking as a complete layman on the subject, it seems to me that it would be easier for salmonella to lurk on leafy cilantro – I think the stems are ridged, too – than on a pepper or tomato.

  2. Also, cooking will generally destroy (or at least attenuate) salmonella.

    Cilantro is most often served raw (cooking ruins it and makes it taste bitter), added to a dish at the last minute, and it’s a bitch to clean well.

    All that to say: a tainted bunch of cilantro more likely to sicken someone than a tainted tomato. And I hate that, because I really dig cilantro.

  3. We love it too. And it’s too hot to grow it down here in the summer, which is when you really want it. I planted some last spring that went from seed straight to flower.

  4. e. nonee moose

    I have to cast a dissenting vote here. I hate cilantro… It absolutely ruins salsa.

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