Some of you may have thought that “Crazy Larry” was hyperbole

No. He is actually completely and totally insane.

Birmingham mayor details plans for pentagon-shaped municipal center-

A new city jail, police and fire headquarters, police academy and public works offices would be housed in one pentagon-shaped building under Mayor Larry Langford’s plan to build a municipal center in Titusville.

Holding an aerial photo of the Pentagon building in Washington to show the design, Langford detailed his plan Monday during a City Council committee meeting.

Yes, he wants to build a scale replica of the Pentagon in Titusville. (The link there is actually a default; the Birmingon would actually be a little east of there on 6th Ave, I think.) Apparently, the only reason to make it pentagonal is that the Pentagon is pentagonal. I, personally, think that he should try to go one better and make it a Hexagon.


7 responses to “Some of you may have thought that “Crazy Larry” was hyperbole

  1. walt moffett

    pentagrams are used to contain demons so maybe it is appropriate.

    And no, you don’t want to know about Shub-Net who the Knights of DARPA still watch over within the other big pentagram.

  2. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Lngfrd R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

  3. e. nonee moose

    Shucks! I was hoping for a ziggurat instead!

  4. Let him plan all he wants, seems the City Council isn’t in a big rush to fund all these capitol projects he keeps throwning out.

  5. titusville?

    has downtown b’ham real estate gotten much scarcer since i left town?

    or does bmll, a relative of bmll, or a close associate of bmll own the prospective location in titusville?

  6. walt moffett

    City jail and what not has always been in Titusville. Putting it downtown might be upsetting to those upscale loft dwellers and real estate moguls.

    Now ownership of the particular lots is worth investigating as is the various contracts around the scheme.

  7. Also, Carole Smitherman represents Titusville. That probably has a lot to do with it.

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