Troy Troy Troy

So apparently he plans to stick it out. Which he can, I guess, since the media have been in the tank for him for four years now. I have no problem with Troy being gay, it’s the hypocrisy that’s the problem. Well, that and him being a bloodthirsty lunatic who is manifestly unqualified for his position.

I remain stunned that so many people apparently didn’t know that he was gay. I thought it was obvious! Not only that, an open secret, one I thought everyone knew. I’ve been referring to his homosexuality for years. When I call him “Troy King”, quotes included, it’s an in-joke, referring to when I said that “Troy King” was really Roy Moore in disguise. The real “Troy King”, who wrote columns in the Crimson White when he was a law student and I was an undergrad was one of the most obvious closet cases I have ever come across. The joke was that he had long since run off to San Francisco, where he was living with a nice chiropractor named Duane, and Roy had stolen his identity.

10 responses to “Troy Troy Troy

  1. To be honest, I’ve been saying Troy was a closet homosexual for years. But that’s a far cry from being caught by his wife with his young aide.

    I’ve always kinda thought Troy was in denial. In a perfect world, where he didn’t grow up hating himself for being gay, he’d be a balanced, open individual. But as it is, he’s a little troll.

    By the way, his gayness is based solely on my personal gaydar which hasn’t been calibrated lately.

  2. e. nonee moose

    Troy does take an awful lot of pride in his personal grooming… Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  3. I’ll just say that last year I was speaking with attorneys of my acquaintance about Troy King, his staff member, and their staffs/members, and leave it at that.

  4. Chairman Mo

    I think Troy needs to update his hairdo. What is that look called? Preacher chic?

  5. “I remain stunned that so many people apparently didn’t know that he was gay. I thought it was obvious!”

    Maybe obvious to you, but not so much to John McCain, who was very quick to remove evidence of their association — at least as far as it can be removed in the google age.

  6. So apparently he plans to stick it out.

    I personally like the way you managed to put a very good pun at the start of this post.

    I’d be stunned by the way the mainstream media has overlooked yet another Republican’t hypocrite if it hadn’t been happening for as long as I can remember…

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  8. In the past years, we could write a book on stories of political figures and the “gay rumors” on many of them.
    No one has come forward with any evidence on AG King’s purported homosexuality. Until they do, I would hope that this matter is left alone. Furthermore, I would hope that you consider his three children.

  9. I should think that Mr. King should have thought of his children before living a lie. It’s not my job to look out for his family for him, it’s his.

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