I hate it when I sound Republican

Birmingham council cuts discretionary fund, laptops, other items from draft budget – al.com

But gosh, sometimes the Republicans have a point. Not nearly as much as they think they do, and not within a million miles of what they say they do… But a point. And that point is, higher taxes encourage people to spend less money, or (if possible) to spend it somewhere else. Therefore, a one percent sales tax hike (which is applied to just about everything in Birmingham) has, together with the Bush Recession, caused people to spend their money differently, which leads to:

Smitherman said that the problem is that a new sales tax and increased business license fees havent brought in as much as projected, and those funds were earmarked for the mayors projects.

Oops! Anyway, less money for laptops, less money for scholarships, more tears cried into Larry Langford’s pillow at night.


2 responses to “I hate it when I sound Republican

  1. Did everybody fail Econ 101 and forget the term “opportunity cost?” Every dime spent in one place means a dime not spent on something else.

    Kinda like the Dodgers’ $18M per year on Andruw Jones; what a fiasco that’s been!

  2. walt moffett

    Don’t stare too long in the abyss, sansabelt slacks worn up to the elbows await if you do.

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