The NRA is going to go ballistic

Langford proposes seizing vehicles of drivers found to have unregistered guns – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Hopefully not literally. I don’t know that you can do this, Larry.


3 responses to “The NRA is going to go ballistic

  1. According to the well-informed-sounding commenters on the article (it’s amazing how much credence I’m willing to give people who have that its/it’s thing mastered) Alabama doesn’t require firearm registration, period. That’s scary enough right there – who knew? Not me.

    Maybe he can change it to seizing cars driven by young men wearin’ those saggy pants.

  2. I’m pretty sure that’s true. We’re not quite Texas, but we’re a lot closer to Texas than we are New York.

  3. walt moffett

    I just remember a time when a co-worker went to get her pistol permit renewed and came back with one for each of us.

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