Jeff Sessions is a bigot

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions opposes expansion of global AIDS program-

He says because of the $10 billion a year (for five years) price tag, which is absurd on the face of it. What’s $10 billion to the federal government? The real reason is that he hates gays. (Ironically, Troy King is a protege.) He objects to the lifting of the ban on HIV-positive people immigrating to the US. Who else has rules like this? Just thirteen countries, including fine global citizens like Iraq, Libya, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. Our peers!


3 responses to “Jeff Sessions is a bigot

  1. I don’t know. Naturalization is a privilege. Why not have rules about people with communicable diseases?

    And Sessions is at least consistent with the AIDS thing. He opposes any $10 billion price tag for things that fund anything that he feels icky about.

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  3. I hope (and pray) that Sessions is NOT reelected — send him home along with his plantation mentality. He needs to shut up!

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