Daily Archives: July 17, 2008

Movies! In Bessemer!

Movie theater to open tonight in Bessemer – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

I actually remember when you could see a movie in Bessemer, but I don’t think my younger siblings do. It’s been a long, long time. The old movie theater has spent the last several years as a temporary public library, of all things.

I’m sure it’s not going to collapse

Investigators raid Wachovia Securities – Jul. 17, 2008

Right? Right?

Well, at least everybody’s insured (to $100,000). Anyone know how to go about filing claims?

A small problem…

Airport Authority board approves name change to Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport- al.com

I’m all for honoring Fred Shuttlesworth. However, this particular formulation makes it look like this airport serves two cities, one named “Birmingham” and one named “Shuttlesworth”. I’m just saying.

Missing your mule?

Jefferson County authorities looking for owner of abandoned mule; animal may be auctioned- al.com

Seriously, someone abandoned their mule. This is news only in that it was a mule, not that draft animals aren’t routinely being abandoned.

Cases of abandoned big animals are on the upswing. Since last year they’ve increased sevenfold in Jefferson County, Sloan said.

Most of the 25 cases in the last year have involved horses, including four found late last month on property owned by U.S. Steel Corp. near Fairfield.

If nobody comes forward — and nobody will — the mule will be put up for auction.

Too bad “passing the buck” isn’t an Olympic event

Langford clarifies Olympics proposal- al.com

“Clarifies” in the sense that he’s now saying that the $250,000 payout to the Alabama Sports Festival has nothing to do with the — I wanted to say “Quixotic”, but BMLL makes Don Quixote look sane and rational — utterly, hallucinatorially, mad attempt to bring the actual Olympics to Birmingham. In fact, says Larry, it’s just the ASF’s fee for holding the events in Birmingham. Also, the guy from the ASF will be working on the Olympic bid as a volunteer. Huh.

“If it’s somebody on my staff who made this mistake, they won’t make it again,” he said.

It was you, Larry, it was you. And you will.