Daily Archives: July 23, 2008

People are sick

I just deleted a comment by a spammer attached to my last post, talking about how hurricanes, while obviously bad, are a great tourism opportunity because everything’s cheap in the aftermath. Except, you know, housing. And potable water. And ice. And…

Anyway, what a jackass.

Yeah, that’s bad

Hurricane Dolly bears down with 100-mph winds – CNN.com

All kidding aside, Texas is really getting it today. Stay safe, guys.

Dome robber!

Update: As he predicted, Langford’s secret’s out – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

BMLL’s “secret” is that he wants to use money targeted for the Birmingdome (which he says they won’t have to pay for four years) on his trolleys, etc. Also, the council said earlier he could have his trolleys, etc. and no take-backs.

This should be good

Shhhh! Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford has a secret – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

Crazy Larry has a secret plan to fund his various initiatives (streetcars, scholarships, etc.) I’m sure it won’t work, but whatever it is will surely be crazy. What will he do? My guess is he’ll mortgage the entire city.