Nobody else will say it so I will

AG King boosts top aides salaries-

Troy gave a high-paid job to his boyfriend, who is even more unqualified than Troy is.


3 responses to “Nobody else will say it so I will

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  2. e. nonee moose

    Hope you’re looking forward to that tax audit…

  3. The unusually high salaries of some staffers in AG Troy King’s office are rightfully being scrutinized by bloggers and MSM, but let’s not forget the 140 members of the Alabama legislature.

    The National Conference of State Legislatures classifies our legislature as a hybrid legislature, meaning that members say that their legislative work requires them to spend more than two-thirds of the time that would be required for a full time job as legislators.

    The NCSL @ shows that, on average, legislators in hybrid legislatures spend 70% of their time, which includes time spent campaigning for office, being legislators and that they are compensated by less than $36,000 per year.

    Compare that with what our legislators receive.

    And some people wonder why I think Alabama needs to become the 25th Initiative and Referendum state?

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