This is gonna suck! (Again)

Shaye, Lynne on for ‘Foundation’

So, the people who used to run New Line Films are unemployed and want to start up a new production house. Since New Line’s biggest hits were the Lord of the Rings films, they think, “Huh, trilogy, beloved by millions,” and come up with Isaac Asimov’s Foundation books. Which are great, but hardly filmic, since they mostly consist of talking while all the action is offscreen.

A few years ago, someone else was working on a Foundation movie, and I said that was gonna suck too. Never happened, thankfully. The idiots who were making that were concerned that Asimov was, gasp, “intellectual”.


5 responses to “This is gonna suck! (Again)

  1. They did film a version of Nightfall (1988, New Horizons, Paul Mayersberg, dir) that really really sucked. I didn’t even bother with Pitch Black.

  2. walt moffett

    The Radio play of Nightfall was pretty good and is worth searching for.

    Foundation as a movie? Wind in the bin with Battlefield Earth.

    How about Simak’s City instead?

  3. George Lucas already swiped so much from the Foundation stories, people will be thinking Isaac Asimov borrowed from him.

  4. e. nonee moose

    You wanna know what sucks? They’re remaking Land of the Lost, one of the most intelligent Saturday morning sci-fi shows ever. And Will Ferrell has been tapped for the lead…. which I assume means it will be Land of the Lost meets Talladega Nights. How sucky is that?

  5. When I was younger I dreamed of a Foundation movie or something like one…then I realized the ‘hardly filmic’ point was a slight problem.

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