Who cares? Kill him anyway!

Convicted murderer serving life says he, not Thomas Arthur, killed Troy Wicker Jr. in 1982- al.com

Oddly, Troy King doesn’t have anything to say, but one of his assistant AGs — I don’t know if this is one of the unqualified ones or not — says that this guy “lacks credibility”. Now, seeing as he’s a murderer (killed another inmate over a carton of cigarettes), I would have to say that he does, indeed, lack credibility. However, that is not to say that he’s necessarily lying, and to accuse Arthur’s attorneys of feeding him information is way over the line. Let’s add that the AG’s office has also refused to cooperate in allowing DNA testing to confirm Arthur’s guilt, because it’s much more important to execute someone than to actually make sure that you’re doing justice. Arthur’s surely guilty of something.


One response to “Who cares? Kill him anyway!

  1. norm in atmore

    Y’know, I am about as far from a religious zeatot as one can be, but I have to wonder whether these self-professed “Christians” like Troy Smith, Bob Riley, and many many others, have ever read that big book that their faith is supposed to be based on. there’s an inconvenient little line in there about “shalt not kill”. Even if you make the argument that war and capital punishment are exceptions that God forgot to put in the small print, I would think that executing someone who just might be innocent would cause a real Christian to hesitate and think about his immortal soul.

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