Daily Archives: August 2, 2008

Larry admits he was getting political revenge

Birmingham mayor, council at odds over conference funding- al.com

Seriously — he basically refused to issue money because the organizer is a political opponent:

Dukes was a lead campaign staff member for Patrick Cooper, Langford’s former opponent for mayor. She is also active in a variety of community programs.

Langford said Friday he had no intention of approving the money because of run-ins he and his family had with Dukes during last year’s campaign.

“I was totally shocked that a member of the City Council would be so bold as to propose such a thing,” Langford said. “They already knew I was not going to do it. I don’t know where their heads are.”

Uh, Larry… You’re not allowed to do that. I mean, everybody does it, but you’re not supposed to admit that you’re doing it.