Larry admits he was getting political revenge

Birmingham mayor, council at odds over conference funding-

Seriously — he basically refused to issue money because the organizer is a political opponent:

Dukes was a lead campaign staff member for Patrick Cooper, Langford’s former opponent for mayor. She is also active in a variety of community programs.

Langford said Friday he had no intention of approving the money because of run-ins he and his family had with Dukes during last year’s campaign.

“I was totally shocked that a member of the City Council would be so bold as to propose such a thing,” Langford said. “They already knew I was not going to do it. I don’t know where their heads are.”

Uh, Larry… You’re not allowed to do that. I mean, everybody does it, but you’re not supposed to admit that you’re doing it.


One response to “Larry admits he was getting political revenge

  1. norm in atmore

    It’s not surprising that he would do this. From what I read, he is a total whack-job. What is surprising is that the Council would allow this decision to stand. Is there no system in place to bypass a demonstrably insane Mayor? Okay, if not, then is there a procedure to remove the dingy?

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