Not that they’re childish or anything

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford, City Council point fingers in spending disagreement-

After BMLL refused to issue a check to sponsor a women’s conference out of personal spite towards its organizer, he then said that this was the council’s fault because they only sponsored the conference as an attack on him. Also, he is apparently following the George Bush model of only doing things he wants no matter what the legislative body says. And we all know how well that works.

Also, he’s saying that he’s going to work to get his type of councilmembers elected during next year’s elections. Just in case you needed to know who not to vote for.


One response to “Not that they’re childish or anything

  1. It is my understanding that in a Mayor-Council form of government that a Council can remove the check signing ability from the Mayor and give it to the Council. Wonder why the B’ham City Council doesn’t pursue this avenue?

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