Scientists buy castle

Birmingham Council votes to sell Quinlan Castle to SRI-

Southern Research Institute might be talking about offices or something, but you know what’s really going on when scientists get a castle — mad science! I approve. Maybe they can put a brain in Larry Langford.


One response to “Scientists buy castle

  1. I drive past this eyesore everyday.

    While I can appreciate the City Council’s conviction that is the structure is somehow historical and worthy of preserving, I have to differ. There’s nothing particularly clever about the construction. It’s just a square apartment building like any other build during the same era. It’s distinguished only by the addition of faux turrents and natural rock in place of brick or stucco.

    It no more resembles a castle than Ski Lodge resembles a Alpine chalet.

    What the city should concern themselve with is turning an obvious white elephant into a productive (and hopefully tax generating) commercial property.

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