Daily Archives: August 8, 2008

Proud as a castrated peacock!

I have been watching the Olympic opening ceremonies — I don’t know why — and am disturbed by the transformation of a major American television network into a propaganda arm of the Chinese government. I particularly enjoyed when the Olympics were described as “the most important event in modern Chinese history”. Not the Second World War (which lasted longer in China than anywhere else) or the Chinese Civil War or the Great Leap Forward or the Cultural Revolution or Tienanmen Square, but the fucking Olympics. Maybe “modern China” only starts in 1990.

More screwups at Browns Ferry

One reactor shut down at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

After a $1.9 billion restoration project, the Unit One reactor at Browns Ferry still doesn’t work right and they have had to shut it down to fix a device that measures steam temperature. Yep, I’m sure thinking that more nuclear plants are the answer.

Now he discovers this?

Langford says request for check to sponsor women’s conference improperly submitted – al.com

Does anyone, anyone at all, believe this? Larry never mentions this for five days, and then after people point out that he’s getting petty political payback, he comes up with this? Jackass.

Power plant shut down due to power outage

Transformer failure cuts Browns Ferry reactors’ power production in half- al.com

You know, whenever John McCain starts talking about how we need more nuclear power plants, I think of Browns Ferry, and I hope that if they ever do build more nuclear plants that they’re downwind of me, because Browns Ferry (as I’ve written before) appears to be the real-life inspiration for Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.