It tried to suckle

Lost baby whale thinks yacht is mom –

Oh, dear. This can’t end well.

3 responses to “It tried to suckle

  1. Has anyone thought to find a pod, and bring the yacht to it? the baby will natually gravitate to the pod. They can get close enough.

  2. With all the marine biologists around the world, why is it no one knows what a baby whale can or will eat? Why force it out to sea where it can be put into jeopardy when it is safer where it was? And, if it is so young that it can think a Yacht is its Mother, it won’t go looking for her or anything else. It will die of starvation or be eaten by another predator. Just ’cause it’s a big baby doesn’t negate the fact that it is just that – a baby – worse, a newborn baby. If the story can make the world wide web – how come the solution hasn’t.

  3. They know perfectly well what baby whales eat — like all baby mammals, they subsist on milk. That’s what this one was trying to do. However, feeding one is not that easy. Moreover, even if you could feed it, there’s no way to raise one to adulthood.

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