It’s not the taste

Coke, Pepsi cultivate new, natural sweeteners |

Look, aspertame wasn’t bad, and Splenda is actually very good — it does taste like sugar. The problem isn’t the taste, it’s the texture and volume. Sugar replacements are much sweeter than sugar, and so take up less volume (the rest is filler) and don’t have sugar’s grainy texture. I’ve baked a good bit with Splenda, and it’s just not very good for a lot of things, especially things that have a lot of sugar. Coke Zero really tastes like Coke, but it doesn’t feel like Coke in the mouth, which is just as important. So if your new “natural” sweetener is good, it still has to pass the mouth feel test.


7 responses to “It’s not the taste

  1. I’ve had a pot full of this stuff in the backyard for years now. (Grew it from seed, which was quite the challenge.) To me, it leaves the same unpleasant aftertaste as the chemical sweeteners. However, it’s got to be gentler on the environment than whatever the heck they’re doing up at the mysterious Splenda plant in McIntosh, which, I have heard, involves an frightening amount of chlorine and very, very little sugar.

  2. They say that there’s a process to remove the taste of licorice from the plant, so I assume that will take care of the aftertaste.

  3. Oh, I see it now – “known for its licorice aftertaste.” I don’t know where they get that from. To me it just tastes like Sweet ‘N’ Low.

  4. e. nonee moose

    Actually, even high-fructose corn syrup doesn’t come close to the mouth feel you can get from real sugar.

  5. Well, duh. Goes without saying. Stupid subsidies.

  6. Teh evil HFCS! I’m working hard to eradicate it from our home, but it’s even in Lea & Perrins now. Surely a little Worcestershire sauce in the burgers won’t make my children diabetic.

  7. Splenda tastes sweet, but there are definitely flavors in there that ain’t sugar. I believe some people are more sensitive to the other tastes than others. To me, all diet drinks taste adulterated.

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